The Bridge Group Practice

The Orchard Centre

210, Orchard Road

Kingston upon Hull


CAll: 01482 303850

The Bridge Group Practice

Elliott Chappell Health Centre

215 Hessle Road



CAll: 01482 303840



The Bridge Group Practice is operated by a team of dedicated health professionals, highly trained staff and an experienced management team.

Patient care is our focus. In delivering high quality care we work with a multiplicity of other agencies - including hospitals, local authority services and in wider partnersips.

Understanding the needs of our patients and listening to their views is a process that we actively embrace, not just in Patient Group meetings - but in every interaction on a daily basis. We operate in an increasingly technological age with new systems and new ways of working.

Whilst we embrace these changes and improvements, we continue to focus on making sure that we do not lose sight of the importance of people. Our patients are the focus of our attention. To the best of our ability, we are here to provide them with good health care and good service.
We know that sometimes pills and treatments can be required, but we also understand the power of a smile and respect for all!

Dr Marion J Brown (F) MBChB (Aberdeen 1986). DRCOG DCCh
Dr Ahmad Siddiqui (M) MBBS (Karachi 1980) LMSSA (London 1986)
Dr Sirajuddin Naiman (M) MBBS (Andhra Pradesh 1997) MRCGP (London 2011)

Elaine Harrison Practice Manager

Venn PCN

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